Seven Seas Recruitment Complaints Policy

Updated: 6th of June, 2022.


At Seven Seas Recruitment, we provide a positive experience in every interaction, with crew and clients alike. On
occasions, where this is not the case, this policy aims to resolve certain unwanted negative situations. Your
feedback provides us with an opportunity to improve ourselves as a Company and we thank you in advance for
taking the time to share it with us.

We hope that in most instances, feedback can be resolved by the agent you have been working with. With every
instance of feedback, we will always get back to you and act where appropriate. If you have shared feedback with
your current point of contact but are not satisfied with the response, please let the agent know that you would like
to register a complaint for further investigation.

The Complaints Procedure:

Complaints can be communicated verbally, in writing, or emailed to your current point of contact, who will review
and endeavour to resolve it.

We will record your complaints in our central register and start to investigate on your behalf. This is likely to involve
the following steps:

– Examining your record to ascertain the sequence of relevant events and related correspondence,
– Interviewing the relevant agent for clarification on the issue,
– Following up with the Directors of Seven Seas recruitment in hope to resolve the issue and failing
– Consult the MCA ([email protected]) as a collective professional maritime body for ultimate
resolution of the issue once and for all.

We aim to acknowledge, investigate, and resolve all complaints within 21 working days of receipt.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can make a written request for escalation of your complaint, as
mentioned in the points outlined above. Please contact Keegan (Managing Director) via email, at:
[email protected] for all complaints associated with Seven Seas recruitment Company.

Should you have any questions, feedback or require any further information regarding our Complaint Policy,
please don’t hesitate to contact us, at: [email protected]